-----General view of equipment-----    

NO Picture of equipment Name of equipment Producing area Equipment capacity Remark
1 A tri-paint and tri-bake broad painting line Made in China PVC ionic type paper process and broad floor leather 250,000m2/ month
2 A tri-paint and four-bake broad painting line Imported PVC ionic type paper leatheroid and floor leather300,000m2/ month

Post-joint process

3 A tri-paint and tri-bake standard painting line
Imported assembly PVC ionic type paper series300,000m2/ month

Post-joint process

4 Two 4-roller product lines Made in China ABS/PVC improved leather, PVC improved semi-softened leather, and PVC improved post-foam leather. 300T/month

Width1400mmWith auxiliary net foaming agent

5 Two units of compound embosser Imported assembly Embossed multi-leather compound

Germany-made embosser

6 Extruding roller unit Made in Italy ABS, PP groove, ABS board and PVC compound leather. 300T/month Width1250mm
7  One line for ABS compound board imported  ABSPPPE act.
board and compound with ABSPVC sheet.
8 Lines for final processing  Made in China  Printing surface processing compound embossing   
9 Test equipment Performance test of finished products after raw materials entering factory 
10 Three sets of surface treating machine Made in China and imported Post-process of surface print and paint on all products  
11 Molding machine, hot presser and jetting molding machine Made in China and imported Manufacture, process, top assembly, full set of floor cushion and plastic parts.  
12  Perfact envirment equipment Made in China     
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